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"I-I'm unavailable-- This is Jefferson Fife, I'm unavailable at the moment. For whatever reason. Just leave a message and ah, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If it's an emergency, just come straight to my office. Thank you so much. Have a good day."
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☞ Player Information;
Name: Ant
Player Journal: [personal profile] antisnotabug
Age: 23
Contact: [ profile] antisnotabug
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☞ Character Information;
Character Name: Jefferson Fife
Canon: Original character | Bioshock
Canon point: Jefferson's been in Rapture for twelve years.

History: Jefferson was the third out of four children born to Noel and Abigail Fife. They arrived in quick succession. Quincy was born in 1920, then Randall in 1921, Jefferson following in 1922, and finally Chelsea in 1923. Being so close in age, Jefferson was very close to his siblings growing up, even though they all had different interests. Both of his parents worked long hours to provide a semi-comfortable life for their kids. As such, Quincy had a big hand in looking after the others. Hardship plagued the family from time to time, but for the most part, Jefferson grew up happy and surrounded by people who loved him.

It all changed in 1942. At this point, Jefferson had established himself as a budding genius. Between his family's support and the guiding hand of Mrs. Polk, one of his secondary school teachers, Jefferson used his aptitude for science to get into the University of London. He was the first Fife to get into university. While there, he faced a constant struggle for acceptance, but his talent was undeniable. Then, one day, he received word from his mother. Quincy had died in action while fighting the war with Germany. Jefferson was devastated by the news. He immediately left school to be with his family. They grieved together. After some time had passed, things began to fracture. His parents became distant with one another. It was difficult to be around his siblings now, all of them only thinking about their lost brother. The family's strong foundations crumbled after Quincy's death. Not able to watch things fall apart anymore, Jefferson wanted to get back to school. However, he had forfeit his scholarship after taking his leave of absence. He couldn't afford to pay for college on his own. He decided that he could get a job and save up money.

With no degree to his name and nothing to distinguish him, Jefferson had to make do as an ambulance driver. In the meantime, he didn't want to grow rusty. He bought himself as many books on the human body as possible. He began to teach himself in lieu of being in school. He did then whenever he had any free time. He also got to know the people who ran the morgue. They saw his interest and would let him sit in on an autopsy whenever they could manage it. For years, he stagnated in this position. Jefferson started to think that this was the best he could ever get.

His prayers seemed to be answered when he received an invitation to a place called Rapture. It was hailed as a scientific paradise where a man could study and experiment as he pleased. Anyone could make a name for themselves, regardless of their background or lack of funds. All were equal. Jefferson's knee-jerk reaction was to balk at the idea of leaving his life behind... Only to realize that he really had nothing left. He survived through sheer optimism and force of will, but when he looked long and hard at his life? He had no friends, as he was too devoted to bettering his mind. His family had fallen apart completely, to the point where keeping in touch had become a chore. His career outlook was a joke. Life could, should, be more than that. Didn't he deserve better? If he were truly free to do what he wanted, he could learn properly. He could save lives. How could he let fear hold him back from that? He wouldn't let it. In 1946, he said goodbye to all that he knew and searched for something better under the ocean.

Jefferson arrived in Rapture and was given everything he ever wanted. He was able to finish his education in record time with some of the most brilliant minds he ever encountered. He became one of the top names in medicine. Beyond his wildest dreams, he was bestowed the title of Doctor. It was all he could possibly ask for. Keeping up with the astounding advancements was a challenge which he relished. He was often consulted when other scientists worked on their experiments. He had some invaluable insight when it came to the development of ADAM. He opted to try the Sanctuary plasmid for himself. For some years, he was happier than he ever dreamed possible.

He thought it would go on forever. In later years, he would come to recognize the naivety of that. Jefferson was horrified to hear of the first splicers attacking citizens. Suddenly he was reminded of the war that tore apart his family, how unhindered scientific development helped to make that possible. His guilt intensified when he realized how little girls were being used as incubators. Rapture quickly lost its appeal. When he first got the letter, he could only think of all the great things mankind could do. He thought humanity could be trusted with pure freedom. He certainly didn't think the end result would be this. He couldn't leave, of course. He wouldn't have even if he had the option. He had contributed to the damage, so he had to fix it. However, before Jefferson could even think of a way to help, something happened. He was accused of malpractice and forced to give up his title. Jefferson was bewildered by the accusation, not believing for a moment that he had done anything wrong. He didn't want to believe that it was Andrew Ryan's way of silencing him, but nothing else made sense. The only reason he hadn't been thrown in jail was he was far too meek to pose as a real threat.

With nothing else to do but carry on, Jefferson left the Medical Pavilion. He couldn't hold down a job. He had to relocate to Pauper's Drop. All he wanted was to practice medicine again. After a particularly bad streak of being fired twice in one week and forgoing sleep for fifty-two hours, Jefferson had an idea. They could hardly stop him if he ran a practice in his home, could they? It's a business and they always encourage business. He couldn't be a doctor, but he could be a... health consultant, perhaps. That's how he advertised himself. He really didn't get much work at first, but then one night, a particularly shady sort of character burst into his home with knife wounds. Jefferson didn't bother to ask the fellow about the whys and hows, he merely patched him up and sent him on his way. After that, people started whispering about him. He charged little and asked even less. People with nowhere else to go started showing up on Jefferson's doorstep. He treated them all without judgement. He finally was able to pick up a job as a dish washer for a restaurant just to make some wages so he could eat, have a place to live, and buy medical supplies over the counter.

Where he finds himself currently is an odd place. Jefferson tries to keep on top of ADAM research, in the vain hopes of figuring out a cure for the splicers. (He barely uses his own power anymore.) He wouldn't say that he's happy. He's reminded of his days driving ambulances. At least he's helping people. They are usually unscrupulous people, but Jefferson doesn't think of them that way. Everyone makes mistakes. He knows that better than anyone. All he or anyone can do is carry on.

Personality: Jefferson should, by all means, be a cynical man. His job brings him face to face with some of the human race's lowest moments. He's been put down his entire life. However, cynicism rarely rears its ugly head into his outlook. Jefferson is optimistic to a fault. In fact, his own hardships have only made him look harder for the good side of people. He's seen wonderful people do stupid things. He himself is guilty of that. Jefferson's never been judgmental. True to his scientific nature, he has a very open mind. He loves asking about the hows and whys of the world. With his latest business venture, he tries to curb this impulse with his sometimes unsavory patients, not wanting to be intrusive. It's difficult for him. His natural curiosity and instinct to help people can make him forget courtesy from time to time. When not healing, on the other hand, he is infallibly well-mannered. He is naturally meek and was raised to be kind.

Unfortunately, this combination can make it easy to push Jefferson around. He's never been good at saying no to people. This aspect of him has increased tenfold since getting on the bad side of Andrew Ryan. Jefferson once had a little known ambitious streak. He wanted nothing more than to be his best self; academically, professionally, and morally. He wanted to be the best in his field, the one everyone could turn to in times of need. Everything that's happened to him in Rapture has all but extinguished that flame. It's been a long time since he's stood up for himself. This can be attributed to both Ryan's way of dealing with him and Jefferson's own guilt holding him back. He comes down quite hard on himself when he makes mistakes, to the point where he can be his own worst enemy. He can forgive a lot, but he needs to learn how to forgive himself before he can find his way in the world again.

Abilities: Jefferson is a very average man. He just happens to possess a couple of special talents. He is highly intelligent, most of his knowledge concerning science and the human body. He also has a plasmid in his system for Sanctuary. Other than that, plain as could be.

How did your character arrive in Rapture? He came to Rapture out of his own free will. At the point he received his letter, he felt as though he had run out of options and couldn't lead a satisfying life. He wanted the chance to start over.

Network sample: [Jefferson's never really advertised before. His little office got a reputation through word of mouth only. For one, he hadn't been sure if it would be smart to do so. Technically speaking, under Ryan's idea of The Great Chain, he should be allowed to have his own private practice without any sort of reprimand. He isn't presenting himself as a doctor, after all, only a "health consultant." Then again, lately, Ryan seems to be straying from his own ideals. With Atlas getting everyone so riled up, Ryan has become much harsher with his enemies.

But the riots with Atlas are exactly why Jefferson wants to put his business out there. People are now getting hurt more frequently than ever in Rapture. People are wary about going to the Pavilion, afraid of outing themselves as protesters. Jefferson would rather see these people treated for their wounds than trying to foolishly self-medicate or go through Fontaine Clinics, where ADAM is the number one prescription (as well as prescriptions 2 - 5).

He clears his throat and straightens his tie. He has to take a deep breath before looking into the camera lens.

Hello, Rapture. My name is Jefferson Fife. I've been in this city for twelve years now. I'd like to talk to you about my business today.

I am a private health consultant. Basically, uh... [He takes a moment to remember what he wrote down and rehearsed.] What I do is help you with your medical issues. Whatever they may be. My prices are very affordable and open for negotiation. I do run this operation out of my home. [He gives his address, located in Pauper's Drop. It's very deliberate, revealing that he lives in the city's poorest section right after he speaks of being affordable.] I've studied for years in medicine, both on the land above and in this great city. My hours are quite flexible as well.

If you feel as though you've got nowhere else to turn to... turn here. I promise you my best.

Log sample: The nurse, one of Jefferson's former colleagues, hurried away after giving her goodbye. They had bumped into one another while Jefferson was picking up some cigarettes (not for himself, but in case his patients wanted to soothe their nerves). Their chat had been brief. While she had explained that she now helped with more cosmetic surgeries than anything else out of simple demand, she didn't take long to explain her current position. Once he sensed that she was looking for a way out of the conversation, he politely excused himself by claiming he forgot to grab something. Perhaps she was behind schedule. Perhaps after his little scandal, being near him made her nervous. Either way, he understood. It had been a shame, losing all the friends he made at the Pavilion. He had never been as popular as the first couple years he had been a doctor there. But making an enemy out of Andrew Ryan and other very powerful people, however accidental it had been, was certainly a way of making oneself into a pariah. He saw his old pals now and again. In the end, it was better that they all lost touch. It became unbearably awkward, trying to explain to them what he was doing with his life now. It was because of the difficulty of explaining the complex situation rather than shame. Even after everything, he found a way to be helpful to the people of this city. There was nothing wrong with that. That had always been his number one priority. Just because some of the higher-ups had proven to be rotten eggs did not mean that Rapture ought to be abandoned. And just because his co-workers had to abandon him didn't mean they were bad people. Sometimes, bad things happen. Holding a grudge with the wrong people didn't help anything.

So all he did was saying to the woman's retreating back, "It was nice seeing you again."

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